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World Biomass Energy Association: Efficient Supply Chain Will Release Biomass With Great Potential
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The world biomass energy association has released the latest information on the biomass supply chain.Biomass energy system involving the presentation of the logistics, including the harvest and collection, pretreatment and upgrade, storage, transportation and processing, mainly introduces the biological energy field the latest technology and craft, will provide the basis for these stakeholders, in order to understand the global existing various technologies and processes, and implementation of lessons learned from the successful case studies.

Bioenergy plays a key role in mitigating climate change in all areas of energy supply, and biomass supply chains are essential to realize the full potential of bioenergy.Effective operation of all components of the supply chain is essential to ensure a stable supply and reduce the overall cost of technology.The brief focuses on the supply chain of raw materials in the energy sector, including forestry and agriculture.

Tackling climate change and implementing the Paris agreement will require the investment and use of all renewable energy.Almost all the countries that signed the agreement already use biomass for energy.Biomass, such as wood chips and grains, has become an international trade commodity.However, in order to maximize the sustainable utilization of biomass, it is important to understand the logistics/supply chain process.Our briefing will help understand and improve the knowledge base in this area, "said Remigijus Lapinskas, President of the world biomass energy association.

Supply chain - related raw material costs account for the main share of the total cost of the technology.Overall costs are highly dependent on specific circumstances and successful management of the supply chain is critical to the success of any investment.Therefore, improving supply chain will release the huge potential of biomass industry.

There are already many technologies that can meet the needs of all components of a supply chain.Is a forerunner and effective use of biomass, especially European countries including biomass harvested and collecting machine, biomass and effective pretreatment processing into energy intensive products (such as particles), and effective use of short distance and long distance biomass road, rail and sea transport.

To utilize biomass globally, the world biomass energy association urges all stakeholders in the biomass supply chain to work together.Biomass energy in the world that the future of forestry and agriculture department supply chain will be crucial, make the city, provincial and national energy goals through the use of bioenergy, and achieve energy security, the effective use of resources and economic development.