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Ceiling Fan Rotor Die Casting Machine

Ceiling fan rotor die casting machine is latest research and development machine for ceiling fan rotor.It is the most advanced and efficient ceiling fan rotor casting machine. It aims at increasing manufacturers' production and reducing labor costs.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

Ceiling fan rotor die casting machine is a centrifugal casting of aluminum and Aluminum Alloy molding machine. Through this machine, liquid metal is put into the mold through the high-speed rotation of the manipulator, the free surface of the metal centrifugal motion can be well formed and it is quite suitable for improving ceiling fan rotor cast aluminum production efficiency.Except those fixed model, customized dimension machines are extremely welcomed to consult.


Main configuration parameters

1) the captain 1650* wide 1300* high 1350mm (height of about 850mm).

2) drive energy: electric power, voltage 380V + 10%, frequency 50HZ + + 3% (if the customer does not match the power, can be reported in advance).

3) power: hydraulic system 4kw, centrifugal rotation system 7.5kW, a total of 11.5kw.

4) cooling mode: water cooling, (customer access to the circulating water can be).

5) open and close mode: hydraulic lift (according to the thickness of the rotor plate automatic adjustment).

6) efficiency: 12 seconds /pcs.

7) speed: 1450r/min (according to customer requirements).

8) mould size: diameter of 300mm.

This machine is guaranteed for 1 years, no wearing parts (such as seals).

Production Details

Ceiling fan rotor die casting machine1763.png  casting machine example

 die casting machine Ceiling fan rotor details

Ceiling fan rotor die casting machine VS traditional machine

1) Production capacity: 1600pcs per shift Vs 1000pcs

2) Working condition: Labor intensity is low Vs high

3) Product quality: Automatic +stable quality Vs Manual +unstable quality

Product Qualification 

Ceiling fan certification

Ceiling fan rotor die casting case

Deliver, Shipping And Serving 

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Q1.Is it pneumatic or hydraulic or hydro pneumatic?

A:It is hydraulic system, it has oil pump.

Q2.What are the power electricity motor specifications.

A:Total power consumption 11.5kw, including hydraulic system and centrifugal spin system

Q3. What kind of water cooling using? Do I require some cooling tower?

A:No need water cooling tower. Just need water pipe one in and one out.

Q4.Does y rates include machine erection and installation?

A:The price do not include machine erection and installation. If needed,an engineer is able to provide guideline locally.Outdoor allowance is 60usd/day charged by customer.  


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