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Rotor Die Casting Machine

Rotor die casting machine is an advanced machine using the liquid metal centrifugal movement forming technology.It is largely automatic and easy to operate. Besides,it does not need extra water tower for cooling down.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

Rotor die casting machine is the liquid metal into the mold through the high-speed rotation of the manipulator, the liquid metal centrifugal movement is full of casting and casting forming technology and method, the surface of the metal centrifugal motion can be well formed, which helps improve mould aluminum production efficiency. 

Customized casting machines are welcomed to contact. High efficiency alumimum casting can improve both production and energy saving, which is popular among India customers.

Main configuration parameters of the rotor die casting machine

1) the captain 1650* wide 1300* high 1350mm (height of about 850mm).

2) drive energy: electric power, voltage 380V + 10%, frequency 50HZ + + 3% (if the customer does not match the power, can be reported in advance).

3) power: hydraulic system 4kw, centrifugal rotation system 7.5kW, a total of 11.5kw.

4) cooling mode: water cooling, (customer access to the circulating water can be).

5) open and close mode: hydraulic lift (according to the thickness of the rotor plate automatic adjustment).

6) efficiency: 12 seconds /pcs.

7) speed: 1450r/min (according to customer requirements).

This machine is guaranteed for 1 years, no wearing parts (such as seals).

Production Details

Rotor die casting machine  automatic casting machine

rotor machine lower cost part of rotor machine

Product QualificationRotor  machine qualification

Aluminium rotor process


Deliver, Shipping And Serving

Rotor casting trans


Q1.Is it pneumatic, hydraulic or hydro pneumatic?

A:It is hydraulic system, it has oil pump.

Q2.What are the power electricity motor specifications?

A:Total power consumption 11.5kw, including hydraulic system and centrifugal spin system

Q3.Does your rates include machine erection and installation?

A:The price does not include machine erection and installation. If needed ,an engineer is able to serve local.Extra fee(around $USD60) will be charged.

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