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1.8 Million Kcal Wood Chips Gasifier Connect To Rotary Dryer Was Delivery To Malaysia Today
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Because of the rich experience in the transformation of boiler Into biomass energy,A customers from Malaysia found us and hope to use our wood chips gasifier to supporting the use of rotary dryer of a wood flour enterprise. And today,two of them was deliveried to Malaysia and Installation. When they use our wood chips gasifier to replace the wood chips boiler it has a significant energy saving benefits: Comparing with current situation,using wood chips gasifer to connecting,there will two advantage:1.Reduce the current emission index 3.Reduce labor costs of workers .

Foshan Greenvinci focuses on the research and development and manufacture of biomass gasification equipment. After many years of practical application, the designed biomass gasifier has achieved a good reputation in the industrial boiler reforming biomass. Through the cooperation application of biomass gasifier, the problem of excessive exhaust gas temperature caused by direct combustion of biomass fuel in biomass boiler is effectively solved. A large number of application cases are welcome to visit. Welcome friends who are interested in biomass energy to join us.

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