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The Comprehensive Utilization Rate Of Straw In China Exceeded 82% In 2017
- Jun 15, 2018 -

According to the ministry of agriculture, agriculture and villages, since 2016, the former ministry of agriculture and the ministry of finance have carried out trials on comprehensive utilization of straw in 12 provinces and regions.So far, the national construction pioneer 143, all the pioneer straw comprehensive utilization increased by 5% or more than 90%, preliminary build straw processing mode, regional straw capacity significantly increased.In 2017, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw across the country exceeded 82%, and a comprehensive utilization pattern was basically formed in which fertilizer was mainly used, forage and fuel were steadily promoted, and substrate and raw materials were supplemented.By 2020, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in China will reach more than 85%, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in northeast China will reach more than 80%, and the utilization capacity of straw will increase by more than 27 million tons.

In the next step, the ministry of agriculture and rural areas will continue to adhere to the three directions of utilization of straw fertilizer, feed and fuel, and constantly improve the level of straw agriculture.