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Electric Aluminum Melting Furnace

Electric Aluminum Melting Furnace

Electric melting aluminum melting furnace is widely in industrial casting aluminum industry. It is more environmental friendly than oil/coal fuel metal melting furnace. Our newest energy saving technology can reach the melting of one ton aluminum only need 400kw. This cost saving feature has been recognized by customers.

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Product Details

Electric Aluminum Melting Furnace

1. Product Introduction of the electric aluminum melting furnace

Electric aluminum melting furnace is a all-in-one metal melting furnace with burning, melting insulation capabilities. Widely supporting mechanical and aluminum die-casting plant, adapted to industrial aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, cadmium and other low melting point non-ferrous metals melting and insulation, but also as aluminum scrap, industrial aluminum and various metal scrap melting into the ingots. The characteristics of automatic operation, high efficiecncy and energy saving make our company a leading suppliers in this field.

2. Product Parameter of the electric aluminum melting furnace

Item no.

Melting capacity

Liquid alu capacity

Total Power

Match Model


























3. Product Feature of the electric aluminum melting furnace

(1) as an energy source of energy, tons of aluminum melting heat preservation costs about five hundred degrees, is one of the most clean energy recognized by the state environmental protection department.

(2) the furnace body structure is strong, the internal grade refractory material, durable and durable, the outside temperature of the furnace body is not higher than 60 degrees.

(3) the integration of configuration, SCR, with lack of protection, phase discrimination, slow start, slow power shutdown, radiator over temperature alarm, quick detection, current limit, voltage feedback, overcurrent protection, serial working status indication function.

(4) the configuration of Sweden imported high temperature heating belt, compared with the same type of hair with a long service life of more than one year. Equipped with aluminum water leakage alarm power-off device, even accidentally leaked aluminum water is not too much, After change the crucible, lift the alarm can continue to use.

(5) the temperature control system uses the artificial intelligence temperature controller, the temperature is accurate, the analog quantity electric current, the switch output, the intellectualized control.

(6) advanced design, won a number of patent certificates, not because of the heating of the original short circuit and burning.

(7) the crucible material can be arbitrarily selected according to the requirements of the customers.

(8) humanized design, small footprint, simple operation, no maintenance and maintenance.

4. Production Details of the electric aluminum melting furnace

electric aluminum melting furnace2877.png

electric aluminum melting furnace2891.png

electric aluminum melting furnace2878.png

5. size parameter table of the electric aluminum melting furnace

electric aluminum melting furnace2972.png

6. Product Qualification of the electric aluminum melting furnace

electric aluminum melting furnace3038.png


7. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the electric aluminum melting furnace

electric aluminum melting furnace3143.png


8. FAQ

Why Choose Us ?

1) We're the leading manufacturer of biomass burner, hot air generator, Aluminum melting furnace, factory located in Foshan.

2) We are exporting to many countries and area, we have distributor in Malaysia, Thailand, India and Ukraine.

3) We have plenty of experience in various applications nearby ,can show you the running machine in our customer's place any time.

4) Competitive price, high quality and quick delivery.

5) Engineers are able to serve oversea.

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