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Electric Induction Melting Furnace

Electric Induction Melting Furnace 1. Product Introduction of the electric induction melting furnace Greenvinci electric induction melting furnace is the newest electric induction furnace in market. It has made significant improvements in safety, reliability, durability and energy saving.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

Greenvinci electric induction melting furnace is one of the newest electric induction furnace in market. It has made significant improvements in safety, reliability, durability and energy saving. The operation is harmless to human body, the machine is quite stable that can work for a long period of time. Therefore,it greatly improves the melting ability in unit hours, thus reducing the production cost.


Product Parameter 

Item No.

Capacity of   crucible      (KG)

MAX melting   capacity   (KG/H)

Aluminum supply   for die casting   (KG/H)

Power   Consumption/1T aluminum        (KW/T)

Installation   Power (KW/H)

Dimensions   (CM)






























Product Features 

1)  IGBT transistor all solid state super audio technology.

A.The induction heating efficiency, uniformity and stability of silicon carbide/graphite crucible have been increased by 5-8 times;

B.It completely solved the problem of the crucible leakage, and the life of the crucible was twice as long as the second generation of industrial induction furnace;

C.The life of Induction coil is three times as the second generation of industrial induction furnace's coil;

D.The radiation is far lower than the radiation from the cell phone, ensuring that the equipment operators are shielded from electromagnetic damage;

E. It completely solves the problem that electrical components are easyily get damaged.

(2) International advanced DSP digital intelligent control technology.

A.Built-in prevent dry burn speed detection function to ensure the induction coil and load safe and reliable;

B.Do not produce high harmonics, do not pollute the power grid, do not interfere with other equipment, transformer, switch does not heat;

(3) Dynamic inductance recognition technology.

A. Accurate dynamic inductance recognition technology;

B. Built-in intelligent PID closed-loop control technology, measuring voltage, current and power in real time, running in a quite efficient way.

(4) Aerospace material housing technology.

A. Moisture-proof, anti-collision, anti-aging, high temperature resistance;

B. The maximum effect of the alternating magnetic field is on the heated object, and its energy efficiency and energy saving are higher.

(5) The design of the leakproof aluminum leakage.

A.The design of the leakproof aluminum leakage;

B.The problem of burning the cable is solved thoroughly.


Production Details

 aluminium blob



1) Preheat

It should take 2-4hrs to preheat the empty crucible to 300 degrees; then heat up 250 degrees per hour till 900 degrees, 30 minutes for insulation. Then descend to 600 degrees, add dry scrap, and begin to heat up normally.


                     The heating curve of the crucible


2) Feeding

A. The metal must be tried before feeding;

B. It should be laid down gently while feeding. Do not throw the metal ingot into the crucible, so as not to damage the crucible;

C. When adding liquid metal, avoid overfilling, generally not exceeding 80% of the capacity of the crucible.

3)Empty the crucible

A.For cleaning The metal solution in the crucible should be emptied when the crucible is removed due to the removal of the slag or the maintenance of the crucible furnace.

B.When the crucible is emptied, the metal solution in the crucible can be poured into the mold to form aluminum ingots for later use;

C.If the metal solution is retained in the crucible, it will expand the crucible directly due to expansion next time.


Product Qualification 



Deliver, Shipping And Serving 




Q1.Why Choose Us ?
A:1) We are the leading manufacturer of biomass burner , hot air generator ,Aluminum melting furnace manufacturer in China

2) We are exporting to many countries and area , we have distributor in Malaysia , Thailand , India and Ukraine .  

3) We have plenty of experience in various applications nearby ,can show you the running machine in our customer 's place any time .

4) Competitive price, high quality and quick delivery.
Q2.What about use life of product?

A:Normally 10 years.

Q3:What about the safety?

A:Anti-electric shock isolation wall technology is adoptoed,which help isolate high voltage from the human body, absolutely safe.

Q4:If maintenance period expired,is there any other service provided?

A:Limited service will be provided if expired.It charges based on acutal demands.

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