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Japanese Biomass Energy
- May 14, 2018 -

Japan is expected to sharply increase its construction of new biomass power plants, with Japanese trading companies and power retailers increasing imports of wood chips and palm shells, according to the nikkei Asian review.

Sumitomo currently imports about 200,000 tons of wood chips and biomass pellets from Canada and Vietnam each year.The company plans to increase the number of imports to one million tons by 2019.Sumitomo corporation for many years has been for the papermaking enterprises import a large number of high quality wood, they hope to use the company's international business relations, continue to buy low quality wood from abroad to sell to the domestic power plants.

Some independent power suppliers are also looking for their own supply channels because of the need for raw material.Erex, a power supplier, is currently buying all the fuel from trading companies, and future Erex hopes to buy some raw materials from overseas.It plans to triple its purchases of palm and other biofuel in its 2017 fiscal year to 300, 000 tonnes, of which about 20 per cent will be sourced directly.It is seeking direct contact with palm shell suppliers to ensure a stable supply.