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The European Particle Conference Was Held In Austria In 2018
- May 16, 2018 -

                                   The European particle conference was held in Austria in 2018.The conference not only introduces the current situation about the development of the particles, therefore, participants also examines the local family founder OkoFEN Herbert Mr Turner's mixed wood particle condensing boiler - pound engine - solar panels - the battery system.The system provides a 100% demand for the power, power, and electric car charging of Mr. Orner's family.Mr Otner's home does not depend on any external electricity or power grid.They visited the ultra-modern OkoFEN wooden particle boiler factory;And Froling, one of Europe's biggest producers of biomass boilers.Froling produces logs, wood chips and particle boilers.It is worth noting that Froling's CHP system combines a fixed supply gas gasifier.Their systems produce syngas, and combustion engines generate electricity and heat.Froling has installed 130 such CHP systems;Commercial facilities are connected in series with multiple Froling thermoelectric systems to provide power, sell to the power grid and generate heat for drying grain;The municipal district heating system USES a series of Hargassner wood chip boilers connected in series to provide heating for municipal buildings and private homes.