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How To Choose A Biomass Burner
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1, choose to buy biomass burners should choose the larger burner manufacturers, it is best to have its own plant, a certain research and development capabilities, so as to provide a sound after-sale technical support.

2, if the conditions are best to field visits, a strong biomass burning machine manufacturers, generally have their own model project. You can study and understand. Only you can see the actual operation of the biomass burning machine, you can lay down your own doubts.

3, the overall product package is complete. Some factories in order to make the price list look more attractive, all kinds of ancillary equipment, all deleted, the real shortage of buyers found it.

4, safety is the biggest benefit. Bright fire hidden dangers, such as how to control the temperature and pressure test the biomass biomass burning machine manufacturers technical strength.

5, maintenance. For a long-running high-temperature equipment, biomass burners can not be without problems, and as an important part of the energy support system, once the biomass burners downtime, the pipeline will be down, so perfect, timely after-sales is particularly important .

6, buy a good burner, do not figure cheap, cheap to remember there is no good, small provincial money, will let you eat a big loss.