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Laundry For What Kind Of Combustion Boiler?
- Jan 04, 2018 -

With the continuous development of the times and development, washing machine research and development has brought great convenience to our life, many but for a large number of clothing and large clothing, not the general washing machine can be completed, especially in some factories, hospitals, Hotels, etc., have to be washed every day things, especially laundry, washing dirty clothes every day from all directions, these places require the use of large washing equipment, washing equipment, including laundry equipment, drying equipment and ironing equipment , Folding equipment and so on.

Boiler driven by thermal energy can be broadly divided into: wood boilers, coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers, natural gas boilers.

How to choose a laundry factory boiler:

1, the general small washing plant, you can choose the best in the 0.5T boiler. And a medium-sized washing plant generally choose 1 ton of boiler, which can produce steam 1000KG per hour. There are 300 standard rooms can choose half a ton of steam boilers. More than 700 standard rooms when washing you have to choose a 1 ton boiler.

2, currently in many boilers, consider the use of cost, it is recommended to use biomass-based boiler, the cost is lower.

3, the use of the boiler can significantly reduce your heating costs. Heating with a gas boiler is 40% of the cost of heating your electricity, and using biomass boiler heating is 20% of the cost of using electric heating. The cost of heating is the largest cost of washing plant costs, if you can use the natural man-made biomass boiler, you can significantly save your heating costs and improve the profitability of the washing plant.