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Wood Chips VS. Wood Pellets
- Sep 22, 2018 -

When considering different biomass boiler heating systems, how to select different types of biomass wood fuel?


Wood Chips

 - Wood chips are small pieces of wood that are cut into about 5-50 mm. It is superior to boughs and sawdust.But if the branches are too large, they can clog the chip boiler feed system, and if too small, they can destabilize the biological boiler combustion. The same is true if the bark is too high. Therefore, these wood chips need to be pretreated, depending on different raw materials, different cutting tools and so on.  In general this is taken care of by a wood chip provider who can prepare biomass fuel according to you requirements..

 - In order to produce wood chip fuel, trees are coppiced and the offcuts are chipped and then dried until the chip moisture meets requirements.  


Wood Pellets

- Wood pellets are made up of sawdust or fine shavings of wood extruded under pressure so that the wood resin binds the material into cylindrical shapes between 6mm and 10mm in diameter and 10mm to 30mm long.

-Wood pellets do not contain any other artificial chemicals, but sometimes starch or corn flour is added to improve stability:the result is a high density fuel with low moisture contents, which is less bulky to transport and store.

 - Choosing between these fuel types is often a decision that is made during the planning of the system design and is essential to knowing the set up of your boiler and the fuel store type. The transport and storage required can often predict which fuel type is chosen.


Wood Chips VS Wood Pellets

Why Wood Chips?

1. Cheaper per kWh

2. wide raw material sources

3. Chip your own wood from managed woodland after preparation

4. More likely to have a beneficial impact on local economy

Why Wood pellets?

1. Small storage space, easy to transport and store

2. Flow characteristics make them easier to deliver (they can be blown through pipes from a long distance)

3. Less variation in moisture content and physical form

4. Bagged storage, manual feeding.