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What Are The Advantages Of Biomass Particles Compared With Coal?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

In recent years, the rapid development of biomass granulator is because the wood pellets produced by biomass granulator has been recognized by the biomass fuel market, and biomass pellets have been applied to various industries, such as power plants and biomass boiler plants, mainly applicable to the thermal energy industry. Compared with coal, biomass pellets produced by biomass granulator have many advantages:

1. Space saving: biomass raw materials (straw, wood chip, rice husk, branch, etc.) are compressed by biomass granulator to save a large amount of storage space for transportation.

2. Clean environmental protection, biomass pellets with good environmental benefits.The use of coal or kerosene requires not only the investment of high desulfurization and denitration equipment, but also the high cost of desulfurization and denitration for project operation and the biomass pellets contains very low sulfur, nitrogen and ash content, which is in line with the clean fuel index.In the production and use process of biomass energy, there is no waste water, waste gas, waste residue and other "three wastes" generated, and there is no scattered dust and other pollution during storage and transportation.Therefore, both production manufacturing and production use have achieved clean production, which can replace urban gas with lower moisture content, easy adjustment of combustion air and high combustion thermal efficiency.

3. Recyclable. The ash after biomass pellets combustion can be used as plant ash, which is a kind of agricultural potash fertilizer widely used in rural areas. It promotes the growth of new plants and enters into a new cycle, making the supply of biological resources continuous and sustainable use.