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2018 Water-cooled Automatic Slag Removal Biomass Gasification Burner Is Popular In The Market.
- May 18, 2018 -

Greenvinci's automatic slag removal biomass gasification burner, which has been tested and operated in more than 30 field conditions, is officially launched in the global market in 2018.

The decision was made by DRI of DaVinci, which focuses on testing projects in the pearl river delta region, involving zhaoqing and qingyuan area, and the company's testing in hainan province will continue.Greenvinci said and put into Davinci research institute in the center of the automatic control system and intelligent energy sharing digital system research and development to achieve cooperation, cooperation includes gasification combustion technology and automatic control field.To the world's 1.2M Kcal to 12M Kcal per hour of industrial heat users as the target customer, can use big data platform, based on data driven, realize the coordinated development of comprehensive energy services, to provide customers with one-stop wisdom energy integration solutions.Fully and deeply excavate and create user value, act as "energy manager";The full implementation of energy users "save worry, save energy, save money".