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Biomass Pellets Easy To Use, Can Save Costs?
- Jan 04, 2018 -

What is biomass pellet fuel?

Biomass pellet fuel is used as fuel raw material for biomass burning machine and is made by special particle machine.

Currently on the market a lot of biomass pellet fuel, but in general can be divided into three types:

First: crop waste: mainly straw, peanut shells, straw rod;

Second: economic crop waste: mainly from livestock excrement;

Third: forestry waste wood waste, bark, cut off branches and so on.

Since biomass energy is a renewable energy source and also a clean fuel, it contains low sulfur content and low nitrogen content, low NOx and SO2 content after burning, and generally low ash content in biomass, so full combustion After the smoke content is very low.

Biomass cost comparison

Biomass incinerator, incineration costs 75% less electricity than electricity, saving 60% fuel than natural gas, saving 50% more than the liquefied gas saving 40%, and zero pollution. Biomass incinerator liner, the choice of zirconium silicon crystal, high pressure casting after firing in a high temperature furnace, you need to burn at temperatures above 1000 ℃ for three days, no loose pores.