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Energy Boiler Temperature Is How To Adjust?
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Generally, it is controlled by the temperature control system. When using a single-loop system, only one conditioner is required to set the accuracy of the PID parameters. If the setting is not easy, the echo curve will be greatly shaken, which will seriously affect the system Control quality.

The so-called energy-saving boiler cascade control, the two regulators are about to be connected in series, the first regulator settings are the system's control policy, the output is passed to the second regulator, as the second regulator settings ; The output of the second conditioner as the system output, as the system's control action. The four-way boiler temperature cascade control system has two closed loops, two regulators and two temperature transmitters that form two closed loops in the structure. The closed loop of the outer side of the loop is generally called the main loop, the main loop to the boiler jacket temperature control target, is a fixed value control system. The effect of the main loop conditioner of the four-way boiler system is to accurately keep the set value at a certain set value that meets the requirements of production to prevent any error of larger or smaller to be measured. Therefore, the main conditioner generally uses PI or PID control method. The closed loop of the inner side of the energy-saving boiler is generally called the secondary loop. The secondary loop should include the primary disturbances of the controlled target. The secondary parameters should be selected based on the fact that the time constant of the closed loop of the secondary loop is small and the conditioning path is short It can effectively improve the system echo speed, and improve the quality of the system of manipulation. In the industrial production process control, four-way boiler main circuit to play a "fine adjustment" effect, the secondary circuit is a "major conditioning" effect. Therefore, the selection of the boiler liner temperature control target for the secondary loop, use faster conditioning P control method. Through the above explanation, trust you on the boiler temperature cascade control system has a certain understanding of the principle.