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China's First: Biomass Gasification Polygeneration Technology
- May 24, 2018 -

According to the national bureau of forestry and grassland in a press conference to introduce scientific and technological achievements, the state bureau of forestry and grassland reserve nearly three years for more than 7700 advanced practical technology, release the key to promote technological achievements about 300, the future will choose the ecological construction, the industrial development, forestry, poverty alleviation and other key areas continue to increase the promotion of scientific and technological achievements.

The press conference highlights the "forest of PM2.5 particles such as control function and technical research" "leftovers multi-way pyrolysis gasification co-production of agriculture and forestry carbon materials key technology" "high performance wood (bamboo) mass material manufacturing technology" "non aldehyde thermoplastic resin plywood manufacturing technology" "all-round technology of biomass gasification," the five technologies.

News conference, forest, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences researcher should hao said, biomass pyrolysis gasification technology in China after years of research and development, and great progress has been made progress, but in the pyrolysis gasification process control technology, the structure of the reactor and enlarge scale, as well as the bottleneck, restricted the rapid development of biomass industry.Much way "of agriculture and forestry residues pyrolysis gasification combined carbon materials key technology" project by a member of the Chinese academy of forestry science jian-chun jiang scientific research team of research and development, aiming at the existing problems and the insufficiency of the original technology, the research is mainly focused on the pyrolysis gasification reactor and complete sets of equipment, new material preparation was born gas, functional carbon materials and related products, and integrated development of agriculture and forestry residues gasification gas, power generation and heating technology and equipment, to achieve the efficient and comprehensive utilization of the residues of agriculture and forestry.

"Biomass gasification polygeneration technology" is the first of its kind in China.According to the nanjing forestry university, at a news conference to introduce professor jian-bin zhou, wood, shells, straw through all-round technical processing of gasification, can be obtained at the same time three products: biomass fuel combustion heat or electricity;Biomass carbon can produce activated carbon, industrial carbon, mechanical carbon or carbon-based compound fertilizer according to different raw materials.Biomass extract can produce liquid fertilizer.The development of the all-round technology of biomass gasification is beneficial to solve the problem of straw burning and clean heating, reducing pesticide in the construction of new energy and fertilizer, soil improvement, repair and food safety have strategic significance.This technology has built more than 20 biomass gasification and polygeneration projects at home and abroad, with a series of core achievements, and is generally at the leading level at home and abroad.