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Clean Heating Market To Do Well Still Need To Grasp The Key Point
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Recently, the reporter understands from national energy conservation center, China, Denmark is put forward regional energy and energy conservation transformation for shaanxi tongchuan city comprehensive planning, predict to be finished before the end of June on the analysis of data and improvement of reconstruction is completed, will be as a typical case in Dan clean heating cooperation to promote.

In recent years, the state attaches great importance to clean heating, policies, and build the reward system from central to local levels, more than industry experts said that China's clean energy heating is still a long way to go.

Huge market

"In the field of heating and heating, the replacement of dirty coal by clean energy is a major measure to solve air pollution.China actively promote clean renewable energy heating, launched a number of demonstration projects of wind power heating, increase the biomass heating technology application project, launched a number of wind power and geothermal heating project."Liang zhipeng, deputy director of the new energy department of the state energy administration, said in a statement that "the clean heat supply peak of renewable energy in China will be BBS in 2018".

Wind power heating in jilin to pilot as early as seven years ago, has been in xinjiang, shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places has carried out numerous wind heating project, established a government, power grid enterprise, wind power and heating enterprises trading mechanism, national wind heating a total area of 5 million square meters.

Biomass energy is an important measure to provide heat for small and medium-sized cities and to solve the pollution of loose coal.In January this year, China launched the national "100 cities and towns" biomass thermoelectric combined production county clean heating demonstration project, 136 demonstration projects will reach 90 million square meters of heating area.

Geothermal heating including geothermal water direct heating, ground source heat pump, water source heat pump and air source heat pump, male Ann district has become an important pilot geothermal heating, Beijing is also a large number of promotion in the air in the surrounding of heat pump.

According to the 10 ministries jointly issued by the clean the northern region winter heating planning (2017-2021), China cleaning heating rate will reach 50% in 2019, in 2021 to 70%, including renewable energy target is 1 billion square meters of geothermal heating, biomass of 2.1 billion square meters, 50 million square meters of solar energy.

The national development and reform commission energy research institute, the relevant report, China's renewable energy heating quantity bedding face is wide, huge market, in 2017 China's renewable energy heating use of 74.84 million tons of standard coal, 57.34 million tons of standard coal, including solar energy heat up to 12.5 million tons of standard coal, biomass, 5 million tons of standard coal.

"Geothermal energy has become the main heating market growth, solar market falling since 2014, annual average dropped more than 15%, the biomass increased in the past two years, but in general, and far from the goal."The energy research institute of the national development and reform commission told reporters.

Improving energy efficiency is key

"Heat supply is the basic energy demand for people's life and many production activities. It accounts for about 50 percent of the global end energy consumption."Chen xiaoping, President of the China biomass energy industry alliance, told reporters that more and more countries and regions around the world have incorporated renewable energy heating into the overall strategy and planning of regional energy development.

Denmark is one of the highest energy efficiency in the world, and district heating is regarded as the cornerstone of the Danish green transformation, beginning in 2013, Dan in the two governments had close cooperation in clean heating, signed the memorandum of series and cooperation program, promoting the development of clean heating.

"63 per cent of Danish households receive hot water through regional heating, and about 60 per cent of their electricity comes from combined heat and electricity generation.The high efficiency and flexibility of the regional heating and thermal power system is the key to Denmark's wean itself off fossil fuels by 2050.Danish climate and building energy minister Lars CRH. Lilleholt thinks, different heating scheme of comprehensive analysis, according to district heating in many areas is the best solution, Denmark is therefore related to the heating bills were passed.

"The extensive use of regional heating and combined heat and power generation is an important means to improve energy utilization efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions."Germany also has about 14 percent of its users in regional heating systems and will continue to expand infrastructure, according to people with the Danish ministry of energy, utilities and climate change.

, according to data from the national energy conservation center in north China town heating area of 12 billion square meters, including urban central heating area of 7.1 billion square meters, heating with more than 180 million tons of standard coal (coal accounts for about 90%)."Most of Beijing's winter heating is still central heating, which is charged per square meter. Naturally, the enthusiasm for saving energy will not be too high."Yu yuming, President of China Asia Pacific and India, danfoss heating division, admitted that China still focuses on central heating, but is pushing forward the heating metering reform.

How to improve energy efficiency?"Targeted solutions are needed, and some heating technologies are competitive, but policy support is still needed.Good products are the foundation, and system design is the key. We need to be able to operate in complementary with conventional energy systems to achieve economic optimization and accurate thermal measurement.A person who spoke on the condition of anonymity told reporters.

Biomass is expected

"From biomass characteristics and practice abroad, clean heating is the optimal direction of biomass, biomass cogeneration, or in the biomass, biomass fuel, gas as fuel boiler heating, such as biomass energy has the congenital advantage."Chen xiaoping analysis.According to estimates, China's renewable energy potential can reach more than 3 billion tons of standard coal, alone is can be used as the energy utilization of crop straw and agricultural processing residues, forestry residues and biomass energy crop, living garbage and organic waste will be equivalent to 460 million tons of standard coal resources in heating potential.

In the past two years, biomass energy utilization rate has also been on the rise.In the first quarter of this year, China installed an additional installed capacity of 900,000 kilowatts of biomass power generation, with a cumulative installed capacity of 15.75 million kilowatts, an increase of 24% over the previous year.Electricity generated 17.86 billion KWH, up 19.1% year on year.

"The relevant departments of the state have never clearly defined the emission standards of the biomass power generation and heating industry, causing difficulties in the approval of some projects."An industry personage tells a reporter, biomass still faces the emission standard is not clear, rely on power generation subsidy, heat supply profit model still is in the exploratory stage.

Photovoltaic industry in view of the recent cause shock "giant" "531" New Deal ", the person think this is a "warning", biomass energy to highlight environmental protection property of the people's livelihood, the need to speed up from a mere power to biomass cogeneration or biomass heating (cold) direction, to upgrade towards integrated energy services, mainly to the heating and power generation is complementary operating mode transformation."Expect biomass in clean heating, air pollution control, precise poverty alleviation and larger as solve the problem of the people's livelihood, the Nordic countries it is worthy of study and research of biomass heating."He said.