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How To Use And Maintain The New Crucible Correctly?
- Jan 04, 2018 -

(1) adhere to industrial pure iron wash

The use of industrial pure iron or mild steel (C mass fraction ≤ 0.15%) to wash the furnace has an important role. First of all, washing the charge has a high melting point and low liquidity, can reduce the liquid steel to crack penetration, and the use of crack sintering. Second, the high temperature of the molten steel can expand the thickness of the sintered layer, which is especially important for low temperature sintering crucibles. Finally, most of the potential defects in the new crucible will occur in the early stages of smelting. Once a breakout occurs, the industrial molten iron will have a high melting point and poor liquidity will be easily disposed of.

(2) The new crucible can not smelt steel with good fluidity

The new crucible 5 furnace should not be arranged before smelting high carbon, high fierce, high silicon and high alloy steel. To prevent the steel liquid from entering the crack two steel leakage accident occurred. The initial arrangements can be smelted low-carbon chromium steel.

(3) The new crucible charge to ensure the smooth progress of melting.

The new crucible material, loading should be more stress, eliminate melting period appear "bridging." Care should be taken to prevent a large impact on the crucible wall. Loading reached the maximum, to extend the smelting time.

(4) The new crucible carefully observed in the smelting process

In addition to careful operation of the new crucible, but also careful observation of the precursor of the breakout. Often observe the crucible wall whether there is different color; whether the supply voltage fluctuations down, the current is fluctuating upward. Anomalies should be immediately checked the power outage. In order to avoid a steel leakage accident. At the same time, should also observe the inductor turns between the insulation is good.

(5) new crucible after tapping crucible inspection

After tapping the inner surface of the crucible should be checked whether there are bright spots or cracks, especially circular transverse cracks, vertical cracks are usually less harmful. Timely clean up defects and slag line