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What Is The Advantages Of Biomass Pellet Instead Of Fuel And Natural Gas?
- Sep 17, 2018 -

What is the advantages of biomass pellet fuel instead of fuel and natural gas?

Since the global oil crisis in the 1970s, the development and utilization of renewable energy has attracted a wide spread attention. As an important renewable energy source, biomass energy ranks the fourth in the world's energy consumption, second only to oil, natural gas and coal.

Wood pellets and sawdust, collectively referred to as biomass pellets, are important biomass energy. The total amount of CO2 emissions in the entire production and use process is zero, and SO2 emissions are almost zero, which is a truly environmentally friendly renewable energy and the use of biomass pellets can be comparable to traditional energy sources such as gas and fuel oil. In Europe and the United States, wood pellet molding has been large-scale industrialization, its application scope covers all industries, heating, civil boilers and civil cooking range.

1. Cost of energy consumption

1.1 Conventional energy consumption costs

The terminal consumption cost of conventional energy in China is greatly changed by the energy supply situation in the international market, especially for petrochemical products

1.2 Cost of biomass pellet fuel consumption

The market price of domestic wood pellet fuel is 800-900 yuan •t-1, and the market price of rice husk fuel is 500-650 yuan •t-1.

Several representative types of fuel are selected for conventional fuel, and the average value of biomass pellet fuel is respectively taken for wood pellet and sawdust. It can be seen that the unit energy price of biomass pellet is equal to that of coal in conventional energy, and the unit energy price of other traditional energy sources is very high.

Therefore, biomass pellets to replace coal at this stage, although long-term environmental benefits are very good, but the recent economic benefits are not good, it is difficult to be accepted by the general non-environmental protection regional market, especially in rural markets are more difficult to accept. From the point of unit energy price, using biomass pellets instead of fuel and gas has not only environmental benefits, but also considerable economic benefits.

2. . Market analysis of biomass pellets

From the above comparable unit energy price analysis, it can be seen that biomass pellet as an alternative fuel has a great advantage in the field of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers. The following examples are compared and analyzed as follows:

Taking a typical hot water (or steam) boiler as an example, a 0.7MW hot water boiler used in a hotel or bathroom is used to provide hot water (or a steam boiler is used to provide heat exchange steam). The actual operation cost of different fuel boilers is analyzed, and the unit operation cost of thermal energy and annual operation cost are calculated.

The price and power consumption of the main and auxiliary machines of the biomass pellet boiler are similar to those of the coal-fired boiler [5,6]. The thermal power of 0.7 MW (1 steam ton) is about 170,000 yuan, and the automatic feeding and warehouse system is about 50,000 yuan, totaling about 220,000 yuan. The power consumption is 18 KW, and the thermal efficiency is 90%. The price of the main and auxiliary units of the 0.7 MW thermal power oil-fired hot water boiler is about 150,000 yuan. The price of the daily oil tank, the spare oil storage filling and the oil pipeline is about 15,000 yuan. The total price is about 165,000 yuan. The power consumption is 8 KW and the thermal efficiency is 90%.

The main engine and auxiliary machine of natural gas hot water boiler with 0.7mw thermal power is about 150,000 yuan, the power consumption is 7KW, and the thermal efficiency is 92%. The pipeline natural gas pipeline goes directly to the boiler without the need of fuel storage system.The equipment depreciation period is calculated by 10 years, and the maintenance is calculated by 20% of the equipment depreciation cost.The boiler can meet the heating requirements by running at full load for 8 hours in sections every day and the electricity price is 0.6 yuan •KWh-1. These boilers are highly automatic and only need one person to supervise them all day long. The salary of boiler workers is calculated as 1200 yuan • monthly -1.The average calorific value of biomass particles was 17.60MJ• kg-1 and the unit price was 640 yuan •t-1.Fuel oil adopts 0# fuel light oil with heat value of 41.03MJ• kg-1, unit price of 7200 yuan •t-1;Natural gas calorific value is 36MJ•m-3, unit price is 3.6 yuan • nm-3.The fuel freight is 100 yuan • ton-1.

According to the above analysis, in the field of civil and industrial boilers, the comprehensive operation cost of biomass pellet is 31.42% of fuel oil and 55.83% of gas. Promoting this kind of biomass pellet fuel in large and medium-sized cities or tourist areas with high environmental protection requirements will bring huge economic and environmental benefits