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Czech: 95% Wood Chips Exported To Other European Countries
- Apr 28, 2018 -

At present, the trend of using biomass for energy production in European countries is growing rapidly.The Czech republic did not lag behind other western countries.In 2016, the production of sawdust particles exceeded 300,000 tons, an increase of 23% over 2015.In the same year, the number of solid fuel boilers installed in Czech households reached 25,000.

Despite the growth and development of the domestic chip market, manufacturers in the Czech republic remain focused on foreign markets.Some leading chipmakers in the Czech republic plan to increase the production of sawdust particles by 50 per cent between 2017 and 2018, with the aim of providing quality products for the Czech domestic solid fuel market.

Quality standards for Czech wood chips.

As for the quality of sawdust particles, about three quarters of the sawdust particles produced in the Czech republic meet the ENplus certification standards.The ENplus certification system is based on the European standard EN 14961-2, which has been based on ISO 17225-2 since 2015.Certification means higher quality, but not higher prices.At the same time, producers and dealers do not incur any additional costs.Consumers have the opportunity to choose between competing producers to ensure the quality of sawdust particles.

Czech export of sawdust particles: opportunity and challenge.

The development of domestic sawdust grain market directly depends on its cost.The price of sawdust particles cannot withstand the competition of German wood chips, wood fuel and coal.As a result, the Czech companies that produce sawdust will export up to 95% of their products to other European countries.

It is worth mentioning that the key to the export of Ukrainian wood chips to Europe is through the Czech republic.According to Sergey Kozlov, chief analyst at the Ukrainian biofuels portal, in recent years, 15 to 16 percent of Ukrainian sawdust shipments have flowed into the Czech republic.

The government has delayed the environmental tax on coal, which is its advantage as a heating method, compared with sawdust particles.In addition, gas subsidies are a stumbling block to the introduction of clean heating in the Czech republic.

The development prospect of the domestic sawdust grain market in Czech republic.

Since 1 January 2005, the ministry of environmental protection in the Czech republic has funded the installation and use of wood chips or other renewable energy boilers.The plan will continue to run until the final payment of the grant funds.The installed solid fuel boiler subsidy is up to 50,000 Czech kron or 50 per cent investment costs.

Modern technology and production facilities in the Czech republic permit the supply of high-quality biomass fuel to the market.The creation of productive capacity and the creation of a raw material base for biofuels will create new jobs for the country.The development of domestic sawdust grain market will reduce the dependence of the Czech economy on coal and natural gas, make up for the insufficiency of non-renewable energy, and reduce pollutant discharge into the atmosphere.

There is great potential for growth in the production and consumption of sawdust particles in the Czech republic.In turn, the ministry of agriculture and environment of the Czech republic actively promote the development of biomass, creating support mechanisms and plans for the production of environmentally friendly fuel technologies.