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Greenvinci 4 Tons Of Biomass Gasifier Installed In Zhuhai
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Foshan Greenvinci Biomass Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in the field of biomass gasification equipment. Adhering to the concept of economic, environmental and social responsibility, the company has been committed to the innovation and research and development of biomass gasifier to constantly meet the demand of mankind for new and clean energy.After years of active exploration and research and development, the company has mastered the application technology of biomass energy and gradually grown into a professional supplier of biomass energy equipment production application technology equipment, biomass fuel supplier and energy conservation and emission reduction project system integrator.At present, there are thousands of mature biomass contract energy cases, which have Won the praise of customers.


After-sales Service


"Honesty and service first" is the highest purpose of Greenvinci.We have been adhering to the "intimate, intimate and all-around" value service concept, providing customers with pre-sale, sale and after-sale one-stop overall service solutions, creating the maximum value for customers.

pre-sale service

1. Provide one-to-one marketing services and conduct all-round in-depth communication with customers to obtain demand information

2. Recommend products to customers in detail, and answer various technical inquiries carefully

3.  Fully responsible for the review, scheme design and model selection of customer projects, and assisted customers to maximize the value of purchasing equipment.

4. According to the selection of customers, provide professional and rational design solutions for the boiler room layout and thermal system

5.  Provide efficient and in-depth customized one-stop overall service solution.


Sale service

1. Guide the installation and debugging on site by professional technicians.

2. Be responsible for the training of users and operators, and integrate value-added services into any link closely related to the project operation

All-round after-sales service

1. The service is available for 365 * 24 all year round. We are determined to do that: when the sales service center receives user notice, reply within 2 hours, solve the problem first, then distinguish responsibility.Commitment to the city for 4 hours, 24 hours within the province and 48 hours outside the province, fast in place, fast troubleshooting dedicated services.

2. Strict requirements for the implementation of the state "Three Guarantees" service regulations.

3. Lifelong maintenance service is carried out, free maintenance and spare parts are provided during the warranty period, and only material cost fee and preferential labor fee are collected outside the warranty period.

4. The implementation of regular customer return visit service, so that the project operation without worries