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How To More Accurately Recognize The Odors Of Wood Pellets ?
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Some biomass pellets fuels have odors during use, so does this odor affect the environment? Is it a harmful substance? According to the wood pellets manufacturer, wood pellets not add other additives in the production process. Therefore, if there is odor, it is the taste of the raw material itself, and it will not affect the environmental protection.

Raw materials for biomass pellets include wood chips , wood pellets ,straw, rice husk and other raw materials. Although they also produce tar, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, etc.,However, because of the relatively mature level of modern technology, the emission of harmful substances is obviously less than the national standard. According to the needs of use, it can be adjusted to meet the needs of the industry. For example, the main combustion characteristics of biomass straw pellet fuel boilers adopt phased air distribution, and the biomass fuel reaches the regional combustion, which not only ensures the environmental protection efficiency of boilers, but also greatly improves the utilization rate of biomass fuel.

Wood pellets is a new type of fuel that is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. In order to better meet the corresponding environmental requirements, we will test and demand many emissions of this fuel in the process of use. The carbon discharge is the required aspect.

The fuel will emit carbon dioxide and other substances during the combustion process. The control of carbon discharge is the environmental energy efficiency control of the fuel. The biomass has high requirements for carbon discharge: it is necessary to protect the environment and not destroy the ecology. Controlling the amount of carbon emissions is a contribution to environmental protection. The emissions of early fuels are all black and black. Without complete fuel, a large amount of energy is released, and environmental pollution is also caused. The utilization rate of fuel is relatively low. It can be said that even half of the utilization rate is not available.

The use and promotion of wood pellets fuel solves the situation of energy utilization to some extent. However, in addition to this, we also need to make efforts to reduce the impact of biomass energy pellet fuel on the environment, which puts forward corresponding requirements on carbon emission.

Biomass pellet fuel is known as environmentally friendly fuel. If it is odorous, it will not affect the environmental quality because the smell is the fuel itself, not the smell of additives. Therefore, it is still environmentally friendly.