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We Will Vigorously Develop Biomass Co-generation And Reduce Reliance On Fossil And Coal Energy Sources
- Jul 07, 2018 -

"To achieve clean heating is a major strategic task for China at present and in the future.In this context, cogeneration has become one of the most important components of renewable energy., chairman of the China council for the promotion of industrial development of biomass energy industry branch xiao-ping Chen in the recently held "2018 Dan clean renewable energy in heating peak BBS" that biomass clean heating in small and medium-sized regional civil and industrial heating has the congenital advantage, develop the biomass cogeneration, can effectively reduce dependence on fossil energy, coal, and make contributions to win the battle blue sky.

In recent years, China's annual output is about 80 billion KWH of biomass power generation, accounting for 1.4% of the annual total output in China, although the proportion is limited, but from the Angle of environmental protection, people's livelihood, biomass energy industry is indispensable."The construction of a 25, 000-kilowatt biomass power plant (thermal power plant) will consume more than 300, 000 tons of agricultural and forestry waste each year.

According to the purchase price of 300 yuan/ton, 90 million yuan of biomass can be purchased every year."There is no doubt that China's biomass energy market has great potential," said zhang dayong, deputy secretary-general of the biomass energy industry branch of the China council for industrial development promotion.

According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2018, China added an additional installed capacity of 900,000 kw in biomass power generation, with a cumulative installed capacity of 15.75 million kw, an increase of 24% over the previous year.Biomass power generation reached 17.86 billion KWH in the first quarter, up 19.1% year on year, and maintained a steady growth momentum.

"Next, China's biomass energy industry should be transformed and upgraded from a single biomass power generation to a combined biomass power generation or biomass heating (cold).On this basis, it will further upgrade and develop towards comprehensive energy services, exploring the provision of electricity, thermal energy and related value-added services.For example, providing a facility optimization solution for users."Experts at the meeting agreed.Heating, for example, at present, our country clearly support the development of biomass energy heating, according to the relevant guidance, by 2020, biomass cogeneration installed capacity of more than 12 million kw, total biomass heating or heating area of about 1 billion square meters, the annual directly instead of about 30 million tons of coal.

"In the future, biomass energy should be provided with more heat supply and less power generation. It should be developed to the operation mode of heating mainly and power generation supplemented.Zhang dayong said that it is the best development direction for biomass energy industry to develop combined heat and power production and realize clean heating from the perspective of its own characteristics and the application practice in foreign countries.In this regard, Denmark, one of the most energy efficient countries in the world, has experience to learn from.

Currently, 63 percent of households in Denmark have regional heating, and about 60 percent of their electricity comes from combined heat and power generation, which is 92 percent efficient.The overall energy efficiency of the combined heat and power generation is much higher than that of the separate heating and power generation. The efficiency can be as high as 85%~90%.

"Regional heating and cogeneration has become and will continue to be a key factor in Denmark's green transformation."That includes a large number of biomass energy projects, yu yuming, President of danfoss's heating division in China, Asia Pacific and India, and chairman of the Danish regional heating commission's China division, told reporters.He also said that Denmark has now achieved on-demand heating, by the square meter charge.

"In China, biomass energy will have new and greater achievements in clean heating, air pollution prevention and targeted poverty alleviation.The biomass energy industry should strengthen communication and coordination with the departments of energy, finance, price and ecological environment and promote the joint production of biomass thermal power and the accelerated development of biomass heating and cooling.Being too country-specific said, biomass energy industry in waste gas, waste water discharge, etc., relevant state departments to strengthen supervision, industry, enterprise also to strengthen self-discipline, and keep the information transparency, the benign interaction, and the surrounding residents and promote the benign development of the industry.