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China's Biomass Energy Market Has Great Potential For Development And Will Be Upgraded To Comprehensive Energy Services In The Future
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Biomass energy, as one of the oldest energy sources on earth, is the energy form of solar energy stored in biomass in the form of chemical energy, that is, energy carried by biomass.It directly or indirectly from the photosynthesis of green plants, can be converted into conventional solid, liquid and gas fuels, inexhaustible, an inexhaustible, is a kind of renewable energy, and the only a renewable carbon source.The earth produces 173 billion tons of matter each year through photosynthesis, which contains 10 to 20 times as much energy as the world consumes.

The utilization and development of biomass energy has become one of the most important and hot topics in the world.The corresponding development plan in many countries, such as urban heating application in Denmark, Japan's sunshine plan, India's green energy engineering, energy farms in the United States and Brazil alcohol energy plan, etc.As energy superpower in the world, China in recent years are also actively promote biomass energy technology innovation and expand the application, from the government's policy to the enterprise, industry association, for China's contribution to the development of biomass energy power.

China is rich in biomass energy resources but low in energy

In terms of reserves, China has abundant biomass resources, and China's theoretical biomass resources are about 5 billion billion tons.At present, the resources available for exploitation are mainly material waste, including crop straw, firewood, livestock waste, industrial organic waste and urban solid organic waste.

In terms of technology, in recent years, China has actively promoted the development and utilization of biomass energy, and the key areas of biomass power generation, biomass gas and biomass liquid fuel have been developing vigorously.Our country gradually broke through microbial anaerobic fermentation process control, biogas utilization, straw resource efficient biodegradation, key technology such as high value into liquid fuels, established a megawatt biogas power generation, er of biodiesel, thousand tons of cellulose ethanol and gasification synthetic fuel demonstration project.

In policy terms, broad prospects for development of biomass energy industry in China, the biomass power generation and biomass fuel ethanol industry have a certain industrial policy support, as to the biological field, such as natural gas and biomass solid fuel is yet to be more specific policy support, development potential is very large.In March 2012, introduced a conducive to the development of biomass energy policies in China's renewable energy electricity price additional subsidy funds management interim measures ", its clear for renewable energy, including biomass for electricity price subsidies.

At the end of 2016, the state energy administration issued the 13th five-year plan for biomass energy development. According to the planning objective, by 2020, biomass energy will be basically commercialized and utilized on a large scale.The annual biomass energy consumption is about 58 million tons of standard coal.Total installed capacity of 15 million kilowatts, biomass power generation capacity of 90 billion KWH, including agriculture and forestry biomass direct combustion power of 7 million kw, urban living garbage incineration power of 7.5 million kw, 500000 kw biogas power generation;8 billion cubic meters of bio-gas per year;6 million tons of biofuel per year;The annual consumption of biomass fuel is 30 million tons.

There is no doubt that China's biomass energy market has great potential for development.In the first quarter of 2018, China added an additional installed capacity of 900,000 kilowatts of biomass power generation, with a cumulative installed capacity of 15.75 million kilowatts, an increase of 24% over the previous year.Biomass power generation reached 17.86 billion KWH in the first quarter, up 19.1% year on year, and maintained a steady growth momentum.

Regardless of reserves, development prospects or government policies, China's biomass energy is advantageous.However, according to statistics, China's annual biomass power generation is about 80 billion degrees, accounting for only 1.4% of China's total annual power generation.The development of biomass energy heating in China has not been carried out universally. At present, coal heat is still the main heating mode.The problems of low proportion, low utilization rate and excessive reliance on government subsidies in developing countries have also seriously hindered industrial development.

Break the bottleneck and upgrade to comprehensive energy services

China council for the promotion of industrial development the deputy secretary-general of branch of biomass energy industry being too country-specific believes that in the future, biomass energy industry in China should be made by a single biomass power generation from biomass cogeneration or biomass heating (cold) development direction transformation, on this basis, to upgrade the development towards a comprehensive energy service;Three Suggestions are proposed:

First, we will energetically develop biomass combined heat and electricity production.Biomass in clean heating, air pollution control, accurate on poverty alleviation and solve the problem of the livelihood of the people to have a new bigger, as this is also a distinction between the biomass energy and other renewable energy of natural attributes.Biomass energy engineering not only can provide renewable clean energy, and environmental engineering, the people's livelihood project, this is a new era of ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection is the lack of rigid demand.

Second, the organization of the biomass energy industry should strengthen communication and coordination with the departments of energy, finance, price, ecological environment and other departments, and make appeals for the joint production of material thermal power and biomass heating industry.Biomass energy, as a livelihood industry and people's livelihood project, should have better treatment in fighting for state subsidy funds and environmental protection industrial policies.For example, priority should be given to the list of renewable energy electricity price subsidies, which should be separately reported to renewable energy price subsidies, and special emission standards for direct combustion of biomass, etc.

Third, strengthen the promotion of biomass energy clean heating, garbage power industry image publicity.Let know biomass energy industry in the whole society and the social from all walks of life to realize the biomass energy in the construction of ecological civilization in the position and the importance and improve people's livelihood, governments at all levels and the broad masses of the people truly experience the biomass energy in rural and urban areas can bring and lifestyle changes, countries will support the vigorous development of biomass energy industry.

By the national "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" policy dividend dongfeng, China biomass energy industry is toward high efficiency, high value-added, low energy consumption direction, and actively explore the market does not rely on subsidies.In the future energy structure, biomass energy will play an increasingly important role, providing blue sky, generating income for the society, and contributing great energy to the optimization and sustainable development of China's energy industry.